Different Types of Photography

There are many different types of photography. If you are new to photography, you are free to explore which type of photography that might suit you. Photographer Malaysia is an expert to many types of photography. Below are few of the different types of photography for you to explore.

* Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the most common type of photography, you put the camera to aim toward a person. With the use of smartphones today, basically everyone has try to capture portrait photography. The beauty of portrait photography is the ability to capture a person’s expression and personality. Portrait photography can include professional headshot, graduation photo, runway photos, and other photography that encapture a person’s portrait.

* Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is famous to those who like to travel. By landscape it means capturing the land, the great outdoors, so contrary to popular beliefs the direction does not have to in horizontal or landscape. You can take pictures of mountains, trees, beaches, and so on. Today, we have the technology of aerial photography, which is taken using flying drone. This technology takes landscape photography to the next level.

* Event Photography

Event photography captures events such as concerts, corporate meetings, to birthday parties and weddings. It incorporates many photography techniques as the event can take place indoor or outdoors, have different type of themes, and capture both posed and candid photos. The photographer must be able to capture the moments, and tell the stories through the photographs.

* Product Photography

This photography is also known as still life photography. The result of this photography usually ends up in catalogs, magazines, or even billboards. One of the key to product photography is to have great lighting. Many photographers use lightbox and rotating Photographer Malaysia table in taking product photography, this ensures the product is well highlighted from different angles.

Photographer Malaysia is expert in all of the photography types mentioned above. If you are looking for help on taking any kind of photography, do get in touch with photographer Malaysia.

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