Malaysia Website Designer and Developer

Six Questions that You Must Ask Before You Order Service

Website designers and developers across Titiwangsa, Berjaya Times Square and Mid Valley, Malaysia are all different. Even in the same region, the designers and developers have their own Term and Conditions of service and Privacy Policy. This makes hiring a Malaysia website designer quite tricky.  There are a number of questions should be answered before you sign up a contract to work with the website designer and developer you think is best in the region. Below is list of six questions you must ask before you invest in web design and development service.

Will I own the code?

You need to know if you own the code. Once your site is built and paid for, the designer has no right whatsoever to do any of the following fishy activities:

  • He has not right to use your code or design to create a similar site for another customer and post it on the internet
  • He cannot claim that the code and or the design belong to him because the right of ownership belongs to you.
  • Claim that He can use your website layout for another customer just because the new customer loved the outlook of your website.

Update my website

Updating your website regularly is something that is quite important. Malaysia web design and developer should provide with the solution that makes it easy for you to keep content on your website fresh and up to date.

  • He or she should ensure that your site has a backend system where you can post and update content
  • He or she should ensure that maximum security of the backend system is taken into account so that your website is completely safe from the hands of hackers.

If they are not able to provide this option, it only means they would like you to hire them to update your website on a regular basis. This is not safe because it will cost you money each time you want to update your website. Therefore, search for another alternative if the current company or service cannot miss this demand.


What technologies

Old technology is stale. Programming languages are changing and designing tools evolving. You need to make sure your service provider is well informed about the latest development in technology. You can ask them the following questions:

  • What version of design tools are you using?
  • What version of programming languages are you using currently?
  • Are you able to do my project based on the design tools I would loved used?
  • Is your programming team able to meet my demands by building my website using the technology that I want?


Project Deadlines:

The deadline of a project is important and must never be ignored. The client has a reason why they said a deadline should be within one month and not days after that. If the service is not giving you a guarantee that they will finish your work on time, you should consider a completely different service that can agree to this demand and timeframe preference.